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Welcome to the web site of poet Gerry Cambridge.

Read poems from his published books and examples of his prose, both literary and autobiographical, which have appeared in numerous periodicals. There are also a few samples of Cambridge's natural history photography and an ongoing gallery of pictures featuring writers, poets, musicians and artists. Some of his more specialist natural history images can be seen here.

Gerry Cambridge is the founder-editor of the internationally regarded poetry journal The Dark Horse, and is also known as a print designer with a particular interest in typography. He designs websites, too, and undertakes design projects for a number of small presses as well as individuals; his clients include Red Squirrel Press, the Royal Literary Fund, and Mariscat Press, winner of the 2015 Michael Marks Pamphlet Award administered by the British Library. Visit Mariscat Press for recent samples of his pamphlet and website design. His quirky and idiosyncratic essay, The Printed Snow, published in summer 2015 by HappenStance Press and sold with a bespoke letterpress card, deals with the craft of typesetting poetry, typography and design. He also plays harmonica with various other musicians and singer-songwriters. Visit the "harmonica" page for audio files of his numerous musical collaborations.

In October 2006 Cambridge was the Scottish Poetry Library's first ever "virtual poet". Read a fine recent interview with him, by Andrew F Giles of New Linear Perspectives, here.

He is an Advisory Fellow and Consultant Fellow for the Royal Literary Fund and freelances as a sub-editor and fact-checker for the Fund's blog features.

Assistance in costs for readings or workshops in Scotland is available through the Live Literature Scotland scheme.

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Details, reviews and purchase information about Cambridge's latest book, Notes for Lighting a Fire can be seen by clicking on the banner link above. Aves, Cambridge's previous book, can be ordered online at the LRB Bookshop, here. The photography page has been updated with numerous new images of Scottish and American poets.

STOP PRESS! Read American poet-critic John Foy's assessment of Notes for Lighting a Fire at the great Contemporary Poetry Review website. A poem from the book, 'Processional at the Winter Solstice', was chosen with comment by Roddy Lumsden for the Best Scottish Poems series of the Scottish Poetry Library for 2011. New Paperback Edition of the book now available. See the Notes for Lighting a Fire page above.

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