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The 2nd Edition paperback

The second edition was published in late 2013 with a cover re-design, five new poems not in the original hardback, and some minor textual changes to a poem here and there. After several reprintings, the hardback is now sold out.

Some Background and Reviews

Notes for Lighting a Fire (2012), if you discount my book of prose poems about wild birds, Aves, from 2007, is my first book of poetry since Madame Fi Fi's Farewell in 2003. It is a 64 page hardback in a slightly larger format known as American Royal.

The book has been well served by reviewers, including Rory Waterman (The TLS), Alison Brackenbury (New Walk Magazine), William Bedford (Acumen), Martyn Crucefix (Magma) John Lucas (Critical Survey), an extract from whose long review can be read in jpegs 6 and 7 below, and Julian Stannard, who is particularly insightful on the connections between the poems (Poetry London). The notice by Jen Hadfield in The Edinburgh Review gives a somewhat imbalanced impression of the collection in that its discussion entirely omits mention of the poems about family which comprise the middle section, and in some ways is as much about the reviewer as about the book; nonetheless it is an interesting and genuine response.

Click on the thumbnails to read print reviews: 1. From the TLS. 2. From New Walk Magazine. 3. From Acumen. 4. From Magma. 5. From Edinburgh Review. 6 and 7. From Critical Survey. 8. From Poetry London.

1.Notes For Lighting a Fire Review 2.Notes For Lighting a Fire Review 3.Notes For Lighting a Fire Review 4.Notes For Lighting a Fire Review 5.Notes For Lighting a Fire Review 6.Notes For Lighting a Fire Review 7.Notes For Lighting a Fire Review
8.Notes For Lighting a Fire Review

Read three online reviews of the book:

By John Foy at Contemporary Poetry Review

By Matthew Stewart At Rogue Strands

At Trevor's Reviews

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The redesigned front cover of the paperback

sample poem

A sample page